What is a Wall Away Recliner

What is a Wall Away Recliner

What is a Wall Away Recliner:- Remember traveling on a flight or chair car of a train, whenever the passenger sitting on the seat to your front would have tried to recline the back support of her/his seat, you felt discomfort as that conquered your territory. And if you recline yours, the passenger facing your back would have felt the same.

What is a Wall Away Recliner

This issue was addressed by a modern approach to reclining seats where the seat sits on a ball bearing track, so as when you recline back, the chair seat actually moves forward, thereby clearing the backspace of the seat. In other words, you are reclining ‘away’ from the wall. Although this configuration limits the leg space in case of vehicles, this limitation stands void when we talk about solo recliners or single row recliners.

The Wall Away Recliners are also known as Wall Hugger Recliners or the Zero Clearance Recliners. You must have witnessed this type of recliners in high end movie theatres. This design of recliners ensured to optimize the space availability allowing one to set the chairs close to the wall. So, now you do not need to waste some space between the wall and the recliner.

The Wall Away Recliners can be deployed at mere inches from the wall, the track sliding action will never let the recliner’s back touch the wall. This great space saver design allows one to compact one’s recliner corner and insert other useful additional furniture to the room. Indeed, a very thoughtful design for modern urban spaces.

Broadly, there are two categories in Wall Away Recliners, the Electric (or power) ones and the Manual ones. The former facilitates one motor to control all the features of the chair through a single set of buttons and the latter utilises the user’s bodyweight to recline the backrest and pull a level to bring out the footrest. The manual variant springs back to normal once the user gets up and the body weight is removed from it whereas the electric one will stay reclined till the designated switch commands it to be on the normal position.

With fewer locking positions, manual wall away recliners usually come at a lower price as compared to their electric counterparts and it is handy where you do not have to think about the whereabouts of the power socket.

The bottom line to this is that Wall Away Recliners can enhance one’s quality of life without cramping the style of the room where the recliner is kept. Invest your time and capital into a trustworthy maker who will make the best fit available for your requirement