Types of upholstery used in recliners

Types of upholstery used in recliners

For different requirements of an occupant, there are a variety of recliners available. For some, it may be comforting, while for some, it may be a health concern. Understanding what you want in your recliner and its placements play the most vital role in deciding what upholstery suit you best.

Types of upholstery used in recliners

Some may consider the interiors of their house before shortlisting, while some may pay attention to its features. In both cases, selecting the right upholstery may cater to various embodiments of your requirements. While researching for the best upholstery for your recliner, you will commonly witness four popular material types that keep popping up over and over again: 100% leather, fabric, Polyurethane and high-performance fabric. But your criteria decides the choice you make to enjoy your reclining experience.

  • Durability: Choosing fabrics like leather not only guarantee longevity but also add a smooth texture to your recliners that stay in style for decades. Generally easy to clean compared to fabrics, it is generally the most preferred choice for upholstery for comfort and durability. 
  • Budget: One can opt for a synthetic material resembling genuine leather in look and feel; Polyurethane offers a soft, smooth texture. A recliner made with polyurethane upholstery over deep comfort cushioning is designed to deliver the same leather feeling but at a more cost-effective budget. 
  • High performance: For individuals looking for a super performance recliner material while being resistant to stains, the high-performance fabric is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to bring easy-to-clean comfort into the living room. Whether it's the youngest member of the family spilling the beans on the recliner to the oldest member comfort eating, the high-performance fabric is easy to maintain, cost-effective and surely an eye-catcher.

Three types of upholstery used in recliners:

Leather: The most sufficiently strong, classy and timeless recliners are the one's adorned in leather. Leather targeting longevity adds a smooth texture and shine to your recliners while low maintenance. Available in a variety of colours, they add the perfect aesthetic touch wherever placed. 

  • Fabric: Various sustainable comforting fabrics that are generally easy to clean are actively used in recliners. Owing to their soft fabric, a subtle appeal and quality tight weaved fabric create an inviting and cosy ambience. 
  • Synthetic: A synthetic material similar to leather, commonly known as Polyurethane, is another upholstery commonly used for its leather appeal, deep cushioning, and smooth texture while being easy on your pocket.

Your upholstery is decided when you jot down the usage of the recliner and its occupancy in a day. With several options available in the market, when it comes to recliners, one size fits all may not be the ideal cap to wear. So research and list your expectations based on your usage traits before you indulge in the latest recliners.