Specification and Features Check List - Recliners India

Specification and Features Check List Form

    1. Recliner Model Name/Number

    2. Seat Row Configuration: No of units

    Couple Recliner

    Arm Width

    Seat Width

    If Customized size, plz specify

    3. What Kind of Recliner?

    4. Motors

    Is Table Required?

    Integrated Cup Holder Table

    If answer yes,
    Type kind of Table is required?

    Table shape?

    Table colour?

    Location of table

    5. Upholstery

    Upholstery Color

    6. Cup Holder

    If you choose LED Cupholder what kind of LED Colour you need?

    7. Chose Your Foot Light LED Colour

    8. Choose Recliner control switch type

    9. Reading Light

    10. Type of Plug Point. – please attach picture

    11. Table B – Table between Recliners

    a. Finish

    b. Dimensions

    c. Lamp