Style-645 – Brown Suede Pushback Recliner Chair

Pushback, Suede - Brown

The Style-645 pushback recliner chair was designed especially for hospitals' waiting areas so that patients or their families could relax during their wait. With its enticing style, it has become very popular in homes as well. The padded two-sectioned backrest can be adjusted by your body weight. All you have to do is push it with your back and get the most comfortable position you like. With the dedicated neck rest, you will be able to keep your cervical region stress-free. In addition to making this recliner chair classic, the stainless steel arm makes it easy for you to keep your hand on it. The footrest of this chair can be expanded to allow you to take short breaks from work, and it can help you relax your legs. In this chair, you will be able to recharge your body and mind and return to work with adequate mental space to focus on your work.


We offer options of fabric and leather upholstery in 200 enticing colours.

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