Style-208 – Autolift Brown Suede Recliner Chair

Autolift, Suede - Brown

The Style-208 Autolift Recliner Chair, as its name suggests, is a combination of the Style-208 recliner design and an autolift mechanism integrated into it. This chair has a remote-controlled motorized lifting mechanism that enables it to be raised and lowered remotely. Since the electric motor allows a smooth transition from a reclining to a standing position, it becomes an ideal choice for those who need support while sitting down or standing up. The semi-attached zipper adjustable back with three sections allows you to adjust the fit to suit your own tastes. Depending on your comfort preference, polyfill can be added or removed from the backrest through the zipper. The armrest of this chair is padded and cushioned so you can rest your hand with ease. It is possible to adjust the Broad Footrest so that your legs are in a comfortable position.


We offer options of fabric and leather upholstery in 200 enticing colours.

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