Ohio – Recliner Sofa Set

Manual, Half Leather - Black

Your living room will look magnificent with the Ohio Recliner Sofa Set featuring a single chesterfield at the back and two side wings on either side. A two-section padded backrest can be adjusted to provide proper back support, ensuring deep comfort. In this recliner Sofa Set, the footrest can be adjusted to provide leg support. With a zipper-style adjustable handrest, you can rest your hands comfortably. The one-seater, two-seater, or three-seater is available with leather or leatherette upholstery options for the utmost comfort. This seat is upholstered in black PVC and can be customized in any color you desire. By pulling a latch, you can easily find your most comfortable reclining position.


We offer options of fabric and leather upholstery in 200 enticing colours

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