Lazino – Three Seater Recliner Sofa

Manual, PVC - Peacock

Your guests will definitely enjoy the Lazino three-seater recliner sofa, upholstered in peacock PVC. It features a spacious seating area with warm and fuzzy furnishings that make you feel comfortable. A simple pull of the latch will recline the two-section adjustable back with neck support and a compact footrest. You can upgrade the two-seater recliner sofa to include a motorized mechanism that can be controlled with a button. This three-seater recliner sofa does not have a reclining middle seat. There are different upholstery options available in different colors. You can also choose from two- and three-seat versions of this sofa, allowing guests to relax longer.


We offer options of fabric and leather upholstery in 200 enticing colours

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