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Best Recliner Chair for Pregnancy, Comfortable Chair For Pregnant Ladies 2024

Best Recliner Chair for Pregnancy: According to a study done by the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the Medical University of Warsaw, 77.09% of women feel sleep problems during pregnancy. There are multiple reasons for sleep disorders during pregnancy. However, the million-dollar question is- can recliners help pregnant women to have a sound sleep? Is a recliner safe during pregnancy?

Best Recliner Chair for Pregnancy

The answer is obvious. Yes, recliners are safe during pregnancy. Nonetheless, the next question is how recliners are safe during pregnancy. Before exploring the answer, it is significant to understand the structure of the recliner.

What is a recliner?

Best Recliner Chair for Pregnancy
Best Recliner Chair for Pregnancy

As the name suggests, recliners are any chair that reclines when someone sits and adjusts the chair position. It can be a sofa or an armchair with a backrest and a footrest that helps the occupant stretch its body in comfort. 

Once on the recliner, always on the recliner- the happy preggy slogan

The American Pregnancy Association suggests that sleeping on a bed during pregnancy can exacerbate physical challenges such as pressure on the back, belly size, shortness of breath, etc. Recliners are a perfect choice to solve these issues. They are comfortable to sleep in and safe for babies as people mostly lie on the recliner in an upright position. This way, the baby inside the stomach gets the seamless blood flow to the heart.

It is also easy to twist and turn on the recliner without putting much pressure on the belly. The gynecologists suggest sleeping on the sides instead of lying on the stomach or back. On recliners, lying sideways is a painless and stress-free solution.

Benefits of using recliners during pregnancy:

Although in the market, several recliner manufacturers and sellers are offering a variety of recliners. However, during pregnancy, buying a suitable recliner is a significant decision. One can find recliners in various sizes, weights, and designs. Nevertheless, the best recliners for pregnant ladies are puffy and sturdy and a little wider for extra comfort.

Here are a few must-know benefits of using recliners:

  • Lying on recliners improves the body balance as it restricts the body to lie flat on the back and; saves women from back pain.
  • Recliners are soft and plush and thus offer a good sleep as if lying on a cloud.
  • Healthy sleep is the reason for a healthy mind. In pregnancy, women suffer from mood swings. Good sleep helps women keep their mood in check, and hence recliners help pregnant women to get deep slumber.

Precautions needed on recliners during pregnancy:

Use pillows on the back and sides: 

Although recliners are soft and cushiony, during pregnancy, the belly needs high protection. Putting pillows on the side and back ensures a comfortable sleep without the fear of rolling on the back during deep slumber.

Recliner the chair only a little:

 A pregnant lady should not lay completely flat as it creates back pain. On recliner, it is advisable not to recliner the chair too low. A just shift in recline is enough to provide utmost comfort while sleeping on it. The mantra is- to relax and let the body feel the soft, feathery touch of comfy recliners and relish the chair.

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