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An organization’s growth is directly proportional to its ability to adapt to the ongoing market trends, respond to the changing demands of customers, and bring in innovative solutions.

The in-house team of research and development in Recliners India plays a major role in maintaining the company’s leading position in the industry.

Our dedicated team of experts constantly researches modern-day trends and the various requirements of different customers. The insights are then utilized to develop the best designs for our recliner chairs.

A Commitment to Comfort, Luxury & Innovation

recliners India innovation
recliners India innovation
recliners india innovation3

Every new project goes through a series of laboratory testing to verify that all the legislative requirements set out for the sector are met. Innovation along with supreme quality forms the foundation of our company. We build each of our recliners to exceed expectation and achieve customer satisfaction.

Few of Our Innovations Are

Touch Panel

A custom designed Touch panel in silver/black finish rim with LED backlit switches. It is a must have for movie theatre recliners to level up the comfort and convenience factor. The panel in the recliner arm allows the patrons to operate the chair with just a touch. It is available for 2, 3, 4 Motor Captive Touch Panel with a wireless call system. Now, adjusting head great, extension of footrest or a call for the service, everything is just a touch away.

recliners innovation
recliners innovation

Call button system on Touch Panel

This innovation promises features like improved service and waiting times, response monitoring, allows discreet communication between staff and patron and enables the patrons to call waiters directly from the seat. Our Call System is cost effective and a low maintenance product. It is wireless, hence very easy to install.

recliner innovation


Futuristic Technology

Q. Do you want to be at the forefront of technology-driven cinema management?
Q. Do you want to be in the top 0.1% of cinemas globally using the future technology?

Customer-centric Approach

Q. Do you want to enable your customers to control their seats using their phones?
Q. Do you want to enable your customers to set personal memory position for seats?
Q. Do you want to enable your customers to call an attendant/waiter from their phones?

Ease of Operations Management

Q. Do you want to reduce your operational costs?
Q. Do you want to reduce the cleaning time between shows?
Q. Do you want a feature to reset every seat by pressing one button after every show?

Reports & Analytics

Q. Do you want to know how many seats were occupied during a show?
Q. Do you want to get a daily health report for every seat as per your scheduling preference?
Q. Do you want to know the most frequent reasons for service calls?
Q. Do you want to increase your service effectiveness with call data analytics?
Q. Do you want to increase the chair availability by predicting the need for maintenance?


If you find yourself answering "YES" to these questions then you should experience our internet of things driven solution which has been designed for the discerning customers of today.