How to Bring Home The Right Sized Recliner

How to Bring Home The Right Sized Recliner

The most important consideration while choosing a recliner is to measure its size. It’ll define how comfortable you are on it and whether it will be that faithful companion you always envisioned while purchasing one. Another consideration is whether the recliner will fit the room you’ve planned to place it in both physically and aesthetically. Here is an elementary guide on how you can bring home the right-sized recliner.

How to Bring Home The Right Sized Recliner

Measure your body size

Recliners, when fitted well can offer benefits like improved blood circulation and mobility, increased productivity and of course, extreme comfort. Therefore, it is important that you find one contoured to your body, so the thing to start with is measuring it. Focus on such areas as the distance between your knees and your heel, the distance from your tail bone to the rear of your knee, the distance between your hip bones and that of your elbow to the end of your palm. Make sure that your feet can rest flat on the ground and your back and knees enjoy sufficient support.  A recliner ought to be able to handle your body weight without jitters so make sure that you buy one in accordance with your proportions and with the requisite framing and support.  

Measure your room

The second thing to measure for is the dimensions of your room. First you must decide what you expect from a recliner, whether you want it to be a statement piece or just functional furnishing. You must also therefore decide whether it is to be kept in a corner or in the center of the room and how the furniture around it complements it.

Take end to end measurements of your room and the corners as well, including all the doorways in the house to see if it will fit through them, take note how the room is oriented, for example, if you are short on space you may want to consider a wall hugging recliner. Keep in mind that there must be at least a foot of space between your recliner and the wall.  

How many people is it for?

It is a fairly rudimentary question that provokes other ones. Are you single or not? How many people are there in your family? Do you plan to seat other people on your recliner? Depending on how those questions are answered you may loosely want to repeat the steps above for all the people who will be seated on the chair. Recliners, depending on your preferences can seat as many as three people in extreme comfort.

Measuring your recliner

And finally, measuring the recliner itself. If you have followed all the above instructions, this will be the easiest one. First measure the between the outer edges of both the armrests, then measure the length of the recliner from the top of the headrest to the bottom of the footrest, fully reclined. Make sure that these measurements are in proportion to your bodily and spatial dimensions and you’re all set. 

And there you have it, it is all a game of preference and accuracy. If you carry out all the measurements correctly, then paired with your aesthetic requirements, you should have the recliner you always wanted. As it is a substantial investment into your pleasure and holistic well being, it pays to take time to get things right in the pursuit of ultimate comfort.