How the recliner mechanism works

How the recliner mechanism works?

Apart from the contemporary seating arrangements, a recliner as a luxury piece of furniture can recline backwards at certain degrees along with a rising footrest. These key features allow you to relax at the desired sitting position compared to a standard chair.

 Some recliners can spindle around with more customization and features, while others can have a remote control instead of manual operation. And a few recliners even have heating and massage functions. 

 While the basics of role-playing of a recliner are to provide you with utmost comfort and ease your body, its mechanism often induces a sense of curiosity amongst its fans. 

Let's unlock the math behind a recliner mechanism:

The general sofa/couch has a wooden frame. However, the metal activating mechanism converts an ordinary chair into a recliner. The mechanism makes the back and the footrest flexible to allow reclining movement.

When choosing the recliner chair with the best mechanism, it all comes down to your personal preferences and needs. Let's look into the basic workings of manual and electric recliners. 

How does an electric recliner work?

  • An electric motorized system can move you to a reclined position with one push button. As the name suggests, an electric reclining mechanism requires a power source or a battery pack to operate.

How does a manual recliner work? 

  • Manual reclining mechanisms come in 2 types, Push back recliner mechanism and a level-operated reclining mechanism. The push-back recliners are operated manually by the occupant. While in the other, the occupant has to use their body weight to adjust the backrest and extend the footrest.

The different types of recliners are available in the market usually fall into either electric or manual mechanisms. 

  • manual recliners are more carefree as compared to electrical ones. 
  • Electrical recliners may require a plug point at most times. 
  • A manual recliner may require you to use your body weight for leverage. 
  • Manual recliners have the flexibility to be placed anywhere for aesthetic purposes. 
  • Electrical recliners tend to be less bulky in their appearance. 

When it comes to picking the perfect recliner, it all comes down to your preferences, needs and purpose. The only way to know what's best for you is to pick a trial before you make up your mind as to what mechanism solves your problem. 

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