How recliners can help you with your back pain problems

How recliners can help you with your back pain problems

Back pain and structure related issues often start at early adulthood, but we ignore it until we hit a point in our late 40's, blaming everything on our growing age. While the human back is composed of ligaments, tendons and disks, neglecting the same might prepare your back for a major underlying condition by simply continuing to lift heavy weights or spending hours in an office chair can strain the soft tissues in your back further and complicate your problem.

How recliners can help you with your back pain problems

It's always best not to ignore your back pain while it's mild than to run to the doctor when it's affecting your mobility. Patients with back pain can often find sufficient relief of symptoms through conservative, nonsurgical treatment options. Spine doctors generally prefer that patients try non-surgical options before considering spine surgery. However, simple lifestyle changes like changing your mattress or using a recliner at a certain position may help relieve pain. 

 Research suggests that recliners at a position of 135 degrees position put the least amount of pressure on the spine reducing back problems. People with sedentary jobs are always on a hunt to find a reclining chair that not only eases out their posture but also adds a touch of comfort. 

 Postural changes caused by recurrent lower back pain affect the muscles that control your posture in the first place, so it's essential to get this right. When you find yourself slouching or stretching every 10 minutes, it is easy to say that your chair is not fit for a good posture. Recliners especially curated for office or work from home are made with solution seating with lumbar support. 

Benefits of recliners to correct back pain and posture: 

  • Recliners made with lumbar support supports your spine while dividing your body weight, reducing pressure. 
  • If you notice an unnaturally large gap between the seat and back in your office chair, shifting to a recliner will help fill the gap and act as a support bridge to the tail end of your spine. 
  • A well-patented reclining system gives you complete lower back and body support in every position.
  • In a recliner, the back and seat move together instead of independently, so your lower back is always supported.
  • It's easier for blood to travel from your lower to the upper body when your legs are elevated above heart level.
  • A recliner gives your lower body an additional relief by elevating your feet above heart level.

Understanding how recliners support your back more actively than a standard chair while you focus on your professional goals is how you invite good health and general well being with a simple shift.