Different recliners for different positions

Different recliners for different positions!

Different recliners for different positions: A long day at work makes you tired. All you want to do is head back home and rest comfortably. Recliners can be your perfect savior here. They are designed to provide you with ultimate comfort and ease. The sole aim of buying a recliner is to gain the highest comfort level.

Different recliners for different positions

What adds more to the charm of these wonderful objects is the different positions they offer. With a perfect recliner, you can sleep or rest in any position you like. Want to know more about them? Here you go! 

Types of recliners according to the position

Two-position recliners:

As the name already suggests, these recliners are designed to provide two different positions for resting. They can either be positioned upright or fully reclined. You can make the adjustments as per your comfort level. If you are looking for a good deal at a cheap price, Two-position recliners are just made for you. 

Operating this type of recliner is pretty easy. You just need to release the footrest, and the recliner attains the reclined position. The only downside is Two-position recliners occupy a lot of space.

Flix recliner:

Available in red color and made of pure leather, this recliner comes with a detachable pole. It also has 2 monitor mounts for you to attach the screen. You will also find a laptop tray with an epic GAS spring monitor arm. This way you will be able to focus on your work and relax at the same time.

TV Chair:

Available at Recliners India, the TV chair recliner gives you the utmost comfort while watching TV. You can also relax on it by simply lying and chilling. It can be adjusted in the living room, bedroom, or anywhere you want.

Push-back recliners: 

These are the simplest recliners. They don't need a footrest to expand the recliner chair. Push-back recliners come to a resting position when you push back the seat. The chair can be adjusted into a small space as the back is the only part that moves. There's no lever or large footrest present here. However, in case you need a footrest, the chair can be easily customized. They cost you as much as the Two-position recliners.

Gen X console:

This recliner is made for the gamers. All the PS5 and Xbox enthusiasts look for comfortable spots. The Gen X console recliner avoids the fatigue that can trouble you after long gaming sessions. It has a detachable pole and monitor screen for your ultimate comfort.

Riser recliners:

The highest comfort level is achieved by the riser recliners. They are equipped with an electric motor that makes movements easy. You can effortlessly recline and lift upwards. This helps in getting out of the chair without applying a lot of effort. 

Risers are specifically made for people with physical injuries and disabilities. However, they can be used by anyone. One should always place these risers in a wide area and away from walls. They occupy a lot of space so you can recline and lay back with utmost comfort.

Florance recliner:

Available in white color, this recliner set is made for living room usage. You can enjoy the highest level of comfort and style with this recliner. It also has a cup holder to assist you in your snack enjoyment.

Where to buy the best recliners? 

Investing your money in something as special as a recliner can be expensive. You would not want to spend a hefty amount and then regret it later. Wondering where you can find a high-quality recliner? Your search for a reliable source ends here. 

Recliners India will offer you the best recliners at affordable prices. They have a stock of optimum-quality recliners. From Risers to living-room recliners, you can find the recliners of your choice. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a comfortable recliner and enjoy your resting moments.

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