5 Jaw Dropping Facts About Recliners That Furniture Retailers Don’t Tell You (But We Will)

Recliners are fast becoming the de facto choice for people who want a relaxing seat without sacrificing on their spinal health. It enables a variety of motions and can be suited to a variety of needs. Given their popularity it’s hard to imagine anything still being unknown about them but there is! Here are five things about recliners that you may not know.

You can comfortably nap on a recliner

Naps help give us that boost we need to function everyday, replenish our cognitive abilities and keep us healthy. It then must come as a surprise to know that recliners come prepared to facilitate a comfortable nap. They feature push back mechanisms that can enable a full recline at the push of a button, with sturdy internals and lumbar support, you will find yourself nodding off in no time.

Recliners are sturdier than you think

Most people considering buying a recliner often think about the sturdiness of the internals. You shouldn’t worry, so do the people making them. An average recliner is designed to last at least a decade before requiring any repairs, that means that a recliner has the potential to outlive your cell phone, your washing machine, your lightning fixtures and even your car. Depending on your usage, a recliner can comfortably survive 20,000 openings.

Recliners can improve your performance at work

You read that right. Recliners, through the way they position our bodies can alleviate stress from our joints, thereby reducing pressure on our bodies. This helps reduce feelings of weariness and fatigue, the key reasons for a slump in productivity and voila! We feel limber and enthusiastic again.

Recliners promote faster recoveries from surgery

You’re really learning things today aren’t you? Recliners have the potential to offer benefits to people who have undergone surgeries, because a recliner offers the ability to keep body parts elevated it might be more comfortable to rest on it than a normal chair where the body part might experience a greater influence due to gravity. For example, someone who has undergone knee surgery may be served well by a recliner which can elevate their knee above heart level.

Recliners can be really compact

Certain types of recliners don’t take up any more space than a large chair. Wall hugging recliners, for one are designed to sit really close to the wall. They usually offer an upright seating position which is good for back support but worry not, they still recline. Customers looking for restful recliners that don’t hog up too much space can consider these.

Recliners may not be the magic bullet to all your comfort needs but they sure get close. A well chosen, sturdy recliner bought with longevity in mind can be the partner in rest you always wanted. If you are thinking of taking the plunge, make it a well considered one and you won’t regret your decision.

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