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About Recliners India

Recliners India is the Best Recliner Manufacturer in India Commenced in 1996, with humble beginnings Recliners India today has a worldwide presence, marked by the wide range and uber quality of products we offer. Our process of manufacturing recliners begins with the customer's satisfaction in mind and ends with exceeding expectations. Our range of recliners includes manual and motorized single seater recliner chair, Recliner sofa for the living room recliner, Recliner with lounger, Cinema recliner chairs, Home theater recliner sofa, Work from home and many more.

About Recliners India
About Recliners India
About Recliners India
About Recliners India
About Recliners India

Best Recliner Manufacturer in India

Customize Your Recliner Seats

Our recliner customisation service allows you to personalise your recliner to fit your exact needs. With our range of upholstery and styles, you can choose the perfect look and feel for your recliner. We also offer a range of add-on accessories options, like switches, cupholders, touch panel, tables, lights, etc.

If you can Imagine it? We can Make it!
Personalize your own recliner and add a world of accessories to it with choices galore.

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Bringing in comfort to all walks of life.


The preference of spectators for a particular movie theatre has been shown to be based on a number of factors, one of the most common of which is the seating.



While good audio-video devices affect the senses of sight and hearing, our well designed recliners appeal the sense of touch and taste. Touch of comfort and taste of style.



Do you look for the perfect strategic designs displaying the best of aesthetic sense? Our recliners do exactly the same. Add the luxury factor to your designs.



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Recliners India Established in 1996, we've been a beacon of relaxation, crafting a tradition of unparalleled comfort. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we create an oasis of tranquility, transcending time from humble beginnings. Join us in embracing the essence of serenity as we redefine and elevate the standard of comfort since 1996, specializing in the manufacturing and services of recliners and sofas.

Immerse yourself in the world-class production of recliners at our advanced facilities in Delhi, Mundra Gujarat, and Roorkee Uttarakhand. Our motion furniture plant boasts cutting-edge technology, ensuring precision and quality in every piece. With a network of over 400 recliner dealers nationwide, we've established a robust system to bring our innovative products closer to you. Committed to customer satisfaction, strategically placed service centers across India ensure prompt and efficient support. From production to service, our commitment to excellence spans the country, offering unparalleled access to premium motion furniture and top-notch service. Elevate your living experience with quality craftsmanship and dedicated service.

Our PAN India Recliners service network ensures excellence, spanning every urban hub of India. With a commitment that transcends boundaries, we guarantee prompt, reliable, and efficient service. Trust us as your unwavering companion, offering unparalleled support wherever you are. Experience recliner sofa service of the highest quality, unbounded by geographical constraints.

Elevate comfort with our expertise in motion furniture. Specializing in recliners, sofas, and home theater solutions, we customize each piece to your preferences and space. Transforming living spaces into personalized havens, we prioritize your comfort and style. Experience luxury that adapts to your needs, reflecting craftsmanship and individuality. Redefine your living spaces with a blend of functionality and aesthetics tailored to your vision.

Immerse yourself in luxury with our meticulously crafted recliners and motion furniture. Exhibiting export quality, each piece upholds stringent standards. Redefining global relaxation norms, our recliners and sofas provide an unparalleled experience of comfort and sophistication. Embrace the assurance of quality, style, and compliance, enhancing your living experience with premium recliners where excellence seamlessly meets comfort, catering to the refined taste of global standards.