Superior Quality Fabrics

Italian Leather

Recliners India sources Italian Leather from one of the Largest and Leading tanneries in Italy, which specializes in upholstery grade leather. This tannery uses European Cow Hides ,which are considered to be the most premium leather in the world. It has the best durability, tensile strength, less wastage and a rich look and feel which attributes to the premium look of the Leather.

Vinyl (Leatherite)

Leatherite is an artificial leather made by PVC/PU coating on fabric.
Leatherite is non breathable.
The advantage with leatherite is easy to clean while the suede fabric catches the dust faster. Also leatherite looks like leather which appeals better in aesthetics.


Fabrics manufactured with a brushed or napped finish to resemble suede leather. These fabrics provide a similar look and feel to suede, but have the advantages of stain resistance, durability, and are easy to clean. Micro suedes are also a perfect substitute for consumers that prefer a non-animal product.