At Recliners India, we believe that flexibility is the key. Our Research and Development team continually strive to provide innovative solutions for our clients, whatever their need be.

Here we showcase some recent customisations that we did to our products in order to satisfy the demands. Each customisation resulted in a completely new product and solidified our claim of being the most flexible recliners brand in India.

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A Showcase of our Flexibility

Here, we showcase some of design solutions we provided to problems or requests as made by our esteemed customers. If you too have a comfort problem to be solved, do get in touch with us.

Recliners with Storage for Remote

We developed a storage space in the arm of our recliners when our client needed a place to store the remote and other necessities while enjoying a movie.

Different Types of Recliners in Front and Back Rows

Our client wanted freedom of direction for the seats in front and we went out of our way to provide a solution. We installed the swivel mechanism on the front row of a home theatre and kept the back row fixed. Thus, producing a unique design.

Detachable table with in-arm storage

One of our clients wanted a table with the recliner but not the standard table that is always available. So, we incorporated a detachable table that could be folded and packed neatly in the in-arm storage.

Glass Table on a non-table Recliner

Another client just loved our model 45002. He wanted a table attached to it too. But the standard 45002 arm does not allow space for tables to be attached. We put on our thinking caps and developed a new arm for the model, just so our client can eat and enjoy a movie at the same time.

Combination of 45002 and 802M

We just cannot stop innovating. One of our clients wanted the backrest of Model 802M and the seating of 45002. Our R&D team took it up as a challenge and produced a unique model.

Extra Long Backrest

One of our clients was uncomfortable on our recliners because of his height. We developed an extra long backrest just to provide comfort.